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Adventure Island

  • Attraction: Adventure Island
  • Location: Tampa Bay, Florida; USA
  • Last Visit: July 5, 2010

About Splash Adventure:

Adventure Island is a great water park to spend a day at thanks to its various water slides and water activities. The park has many different slides that can accommodate sliders of different ages and sizes. Thrill seekers can enjoy such slides like Gulf Scream, Caribbean Corkscrew, Everglides and Water Moccasin. Those who are not used to the intense slides have plenty of slides to go on like Wahoo Run, Calypso Coaster, Riptide, Runaway Rapids and more.

The park is shaded very well and offers plenty of things to do other than water slides. Things like the wave pool, Fabian’s Fun Port water playground, and an activity pool complete with drop slides, cliff jumps, lily pad crossings and more.

adventure island tampa

Water Slides

  • Body Slides
    • Caribbean Corkscrew (2)
    • Gulf Scream (Retired)
    • Water Moccasin (3)
    • Runaway Rapids (5)
  • Inner Tube Slides
    • Aruba Tuba
    • Calypso Coaster
    • Key West Rapids
  • Mat Slides
    • Riptide (4-Lane W/ Helix)
  • Raft Slides
    • Wahoo Run
    • Colossal Curl (4-seat cloverleaf raft)
  • Others
    • Everglides (Water-Skipping Sleds)

Other Rides/Attractions

  • Endless Surf (Wave Pool)
  • Fabian's Fun Port (Water Playground)
  • Paradise Lagoon (Swim Area With 2 Drop Slides)
  • Rambling Bayou (Lazy River)
  • Splash Attack (Water Playground with Water Slides)

Aruba Tuba &
Calypso Coaster

Caribbean Corkscrew

Colossal Curl


Key West Rapids


Water Moccasin