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White Water Atlanta

  • Attraction: Six Flags White Water
  • Location: Marietta, Georgia; USA
  • Last Visit: August 12, 2011
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About White Water:

Just outside of the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia is one of Six Flags’ best water parks, Six Flags White Water (also known as Whitewater Atlanta). This water park holds an enormous amount of water slides. Big slides like Tornado or small like Lizard’s Tail, Fast like Cliffhanger or slow like Run-a-Way River, intense like Dragon’s Tail or gentle like Tidal Wave, Whitewater has these and more. The water park is within a forest and most slides are situated on the side of a hill, so each water slide is a much different experience that must be tried.

What is newly introduced and unique for Whitewater is the Flash Pass system where a person can buy a wristband that will hold their place in a virtual line and tell them when they can skip the line to ride their slide of choice. This is especially useful on peak days where lines can get very long, this will give you the ability to skip those long lines and ride more slides. The Flash Pass system is widely used at many Six Flags amusement parks, but this is the first of the comany's water parks that utilized it.

six flags white water
Water Slides
  • Body Slides
    • Bonzai (2)
    • Cliffhanger
    • Dragon's Tail (2)
    • Lizard's Tail
    • Mutiny Chute
    • Three Slide Body Flume (3)
    • Tidal Wave (2)
  • Inner Tube Slides
    • Bermuda Triangle (2)
    • Black River Falls (2)
    • Caribbean Plunge
    • Gulf Screamer
    • Rapids
  • Mat Slides
    • Bermuda Triangle (2)
    • Black River Falls (2)
    • Caribbean Plunge
    • Gulf Screamer
    • Rapids
  • Raft Slides
    • Bahama Bob Slide
    • Run-A-Way River
    • Tornado (ProSlide Tornado)
    • Typhoon Twister (ProSlide Mammoth Bowl)(Opening 2013)

100 Meter Splash

Bahama Bobslide

Bermuda Triangle and Caribbean Plunge

Black River Falls



Dragon's Tail

Gulf Screamer


Run-A-Way River

Three Slide Body Flume

Tidal Wave